Kamis, 27 Juni 2013

it might not be denied that, the day, month and year of rapidly evolving technology, since the computerization as to firmly the rapid spread of communication technology and of course the future feels to progress in the sphere of computing technology can make us amazed to own discovered a technology with integrated wiring system which will display manipulation as to firmly the video display with amazing we will confirm the scale and form as to firmly the screen at can anytime and anywhere. the long run computers can possibly be rolled up and is amazingly flexible thus consistent with several reviews relating to firmly the future of laptop illustration, see within the image : 

wish to view the movie because we are part of a small screen or when these wish to need a widescreen presentation that many of us merely modify the cable length by connecting 
form it consistent with our wishes. this technology is made ​ ;​ ;possible as it uses a few led lights that cross and overlap one anoher that way'>in a way so to display the image as a regular computer 

interface interface 
connected to video display is made using an led laser array that will be placed within the laptop and camera that will be structured that way'>in a way that it might detect the positioning as to firmly the users finger thus learn how to operate a laptop is simply as a touchscreen. 
and that is designed by raphael lang, yu lin haou, and stephen chan managed to snatch the runner-up fujitsu design award 2011. 
to display 
a big scale live connect its cord. can possibly be formed into your type of multi-monitor display can possibly be will be taken for scanning barcodes which can even be taken for scanning three-dimensional objects that directly turn out 3d models - see additional at

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